[the people]

‘the people’ – 1.The intnat’l fam of the oppressed, blkrdylwbrn...wht too, li’l differently

2.by-and-large not the owners, ergo the laborers, producers, objects(/victims?) of white supremacy infused free market (monopoly) capitalism

3. the human denominators of modernity (i.e those on the bottom)

4.by-and-large descendants of recently enslaved and/or colonized, currently and perhaps also ancestors of future wage and lack-of-resource(s) enslaved

5.objects(/victims?) of First World(irony encoded)/Western Empire roughly equivalent to the UN Western European and Others Group, which curiously includes the US, Israel, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

6.those who don’t control their own resources, human or natural of their ancestral/historical homeland

7.those who do magic in public


New Here

So... here we are, finally
Summer solstice, when the 'New World' lays longest in the Sun
I was a December baby, conceived in Storm, but still I love Sunshower
more, Sunstorm... Sun and Storm at once, begging paradoxical possibility
Until we remember that the Sun always shines, and never rises or sets
Storms then, can lend us perspective
Storms illuminate, for the perceptive
Lightning shines brightest through the Storm
Even in Darkness, right?

But here's a something to examine:
What is the sound of Darkness?
Have you not listened?
What is its weight, smell, taste?
Do you let your Darkness shine?
I do
like mabrac
dark lightning

because I am able
I can sing
Right On for the Darkness
Here Comes the Sun
mean almost the same thing
both are

If you can't understand
how I am able
It is because you don't know
who I am

I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

All power to [???]