[the people]

‘the people’ – 1.The intnat’l fam of the oppressed, blkrdylwbrn...wht too, li’l differently

2.by-and-large not the owners, ergo the laborers, producers, objects(/victims?) of white supremacy infused free market (monopoly) capitalism

3. the human denominators of modernity (i.e those on the bottom)

4.by-and-large descendants of recently enslaved and/or colonized, currently and perhaps also ancestors of future wage and lack-of-resource(s) enslaved

5.objects(/victims?) of First World(irony encoded)/Western Empire roughly equivalent to the UN Western European and Others Group, which curiously includes the US, Israel, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

6.those who don’t control their own resources, human or natural of their ancestral/historical homeland

7.those who do magic in public

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