Bittersmooth Down Deep

Iya shouts in the night

Gunshots, by the Ile first night 5:15am
semi-auto, bursts, sound like... the loudest thing you ever heard

It wasn’t Gunshots, b/c 5 min later the drumming starts, and it sounds so good,

Iroko Reveille by Sko

I want to go down but I haven’t been invited

The drums are so finely tuned, the sound leaps from them. Of course it does. They are consecrated and alive.
Shea butter, cream, and tuning for mine when I get back

I should have slept last night, the day starts so early. The fatigue opens you...

Just at the moment I was about to write zangado faminto, we ate. There were vegetables yesterday. @Ebomi’s house, a really good cubed root salad. Carrot turnip tomato w/a bit of vinegar I guess. and the barley soup. But this AM was all sweetbreads, cakes, rolls, boiled sweet plantain, and something cornmeal. Plus ham slices + cafe so almost all starch and some protein and fiber. I gotta use the Mega Greens, but also, something makes this diet work, maybe it’s seasonal, in the way meat+potatoes rules temperate winters. Maybe in Jan it’s all leaves and fruits
But for now it's like, If you see green, eat it.
this morning what did I put on the prayer?
the preservation and healthy growth of this Ile, which is a personal ask in it’s own way, and very much tied to the Iroko, which, gods willing, will have room to grow again

Division of Labor is so sharp. In transplant survival communities, like Chi and NY, everybody does everything, there are less people to lean on, and less to lead in their own fashion. so I kept looking around for a job to do

OG status is us drinking beer out of plastic cups in the Oga spot, and Amaral pulls out his metal cup

All I'll say about the evening, is I wept when Ogum came, so... OGUNYE!

I remember that tet-a-tet w/Ayo, when she said “I gotta do me, be and bring happiness. What does do you look like?” Something something hot like: Let St. Jean come when the people give praise, let him come forceful, let him come smooth

In related news it was agreed that hearing my voice is relaxing, I said ‘good’ i.e. right on. My godmother likes my ‘comportment’. The Ebomi who shared the verdict on my voice asked how I was feeling about everything. I replied, through my godmother, “The way my voice makes you feel, that’s how I feel”

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