Dance the Fire Dance

I think about this chain, unstrung/unforged. Stringing and forging are indeed different acts. But in essence, it may be unfinished yet. She says it honors her maternal lineage, but she means her female lineage like a goddess link. what is the logic of gahdess anyway? I will ask. Time to stop and think though, marvelous it seems. Anyway, I feel I must bring something or somethings back for her. I want to, desire to at least. When will the chain be forged? Number the stars and orixas
Mississippi calling, walking, dancing, burning

That one knew/she still know, Red doors are important
one reason she may have marked, they sometimes open on red roads.  The red road beckons, even as I walk it. Rode past a sign that said Ogunja Rio Vermelho. Ebomi says Ogunja comes from Ijexa, an Ogun so close to Exu that it’s often strong wild and hard to tell

Xango Aira wears white and rocks with Oxala. All these paths make me wonder if something was lost: the ability to contain multitudes. but something gained too in the specificity of walking a certain road. Even if yours is read instead of found. What happens when you’re drawn in certain directions and orixa are silent?
Are these paths the 400+1? Understanding each of the strongest as families and personalities both? like in vodou?

Somehow this reminds me of the day Michael died. After the office all day, on my way to my then-partner's house, Lookin Through the Window was the first song I cried to. Southbound on Ridge, or Western I don’t remember, only that I was about to cross Howard. I was supposed to come here that summer, my reservation evaporated.
Who was Michael really? Sly Exu or Shy Xango? or is there a path that looks like both? What of the child Logum Ede? my gut says no. that rhymes though, w/Ghede, showstopper literally, producer of spectacle, generative force and protector of children and elders

Ebomi said Xango spoke
the same thing hapened w/Fabukunmi
She said she can tell me the path soon

She did say we know why Iemanja brought me to orixa, why she could, b/c my Xango loves her. In the last 7 years I met her @ 3 different beaches South Beach, Rainbow and Rockaway
like sycoraX, Oxumare, and Xango. Quietly, she loves me too
Her I would reflect... ‘I’m tryna get my life together’...

Reminds me of a sister I met recently, who loves the ocean. She met me in a gentle time, and felt Iemanja around me.

We do move in rings, circles, palenques. Like the roda or samba ring. One seems a water dance and one fire but I know both are both

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