Game of Thrones: Jay, Ye, and the Fall of Troy

This week I had Watch the Throne in heavy rotation, some of it anyway. It's all social text, but the 5 songs that spoke to me could've been their own EP: Otis, Gotta Have It, Murder to Excellence, Made in America, and the Joy

When Jay said on the 1st single 'not bad for some immigrants', he's talking about his and Ye's arrivants who came in shackles
I listen to them reaching for something collective as they continue to celebrate themselves, it sounds impotent, important, and immature all at once. Ye said he not gonna be political any more, I guess that's why you ain't hear from him this week.

I heard a piece of Otis in my homeboy's whip right before I broke out, so my first real taste was this video for MiA
I thought again of carnival in the wake of Irene, and how different, how grey everything seems this year
Yea, we're a storm but damn
The more I watched, and when I stopped watching, entered into blindness to just listen, the more it became apparent to me that MiA is a blues song
Listen to Ocean
He's moaning, almost wailing. It's all in the hook, crying out for salvation but still masking.
listen again, we haven't made it, not in a way that preserves our humanity. maybe if we keep sayin it it will be true, but it's gettin harder to fake. I told my good brother and he was mad skeptical, I said:
None of it is exactly what I, or maybe you might wish for it to be, it's what it is. but listen to the beginning and tell me it doesn't evoke Nightshift by The Commodores. Me and Ye around the same age, so I can hear some of the songs in his songs.

This is the starspangled banner and Jay said it like he said it
Sweet sounds come down, land of the free where they hang the slave



In a mellow mood like Temptations
it's temptations out here too, but I'm strong w/it

I been back for a week, feels like two days
Did so much and did so little
landed in instability, thought I was gonna be like that cat from the Thriller video, clean white suit sleepin in the street, and I learned that all temptations ain't sexy. feel free to ask me bout that, I've heard tell that my prose can be opaque, but dig, I grew up on need-to-know

you know there's.... when you plug in a flashdrive (PC), you get tempted to speed up yr system w/readyboost, right?
like I do and don't want readyboost
I need an adapter
like is there an app for that?
is there a  translation we're losing
lossless compression,  right? hi-fidelity
where's the app for that?
but it's all good
cuz it's like boom, come thru, come thru, come thru stuntin
and my people dem helped to ground me


Egun and the real

Talking w/my ancestors makes me think of ‘We Are One’ sung by Sue Conway, and Birago Diop’s ‘Listen’, on the rocks w/some sweet honey

Thought about @bornraggamuffin, who describes herself as 'Daughter of my ancestors. Mother of my descendents. Strong on 2 sides'
I can dig that, deeply
I miss my niece, doin this for me and her

She gave me the book I write these words in
Once that jawn leaves page and gets to screen it loses fidelity, seems like. need some type of lossless compress.
But here are some real true things:

My blackness is neither prison nor burden, and all my line lives forever. These truths do not render me irresponsible -- as my brother Sangodele reminds us, Honor remains

Ain’t much more than sweat inside my hand, xept these 2 good axes, some cowries, and the strength to hold all your hands, if we come together -- that’s enough