Egun and the real

Talking w/my ancestors makes me think of ‘We Are One’ sung by Sue Conway, and Birago Diop’s ‘Listen’, on the rocks w/some sweet honey

Thought about @bornraggamuffin, who describes herself as 'Daughter of my ancestors. Mother of my descendents. Strong on 2 sides'
I can dig that, deeply
I miss my niece, doin this for me and her

She gave me the book I write these words in
Once that jawn leaves page and gets to screen it loses fidelity, seems like. need some type of lossless compress.
But here are some real true things:

My blackness is neither prison nor burden, and all my line lives forever. These truths do not render me irresponsible -- as my brother Sangodele reminds us, Honor remains

Ain’t much more than sweat inside my hand, xept these 2 good axes, some cowries, and the strength to hold all your hands, if we come together -- that’s enough

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