In a mellow mood like Temptations
it's temptations out here too, but I'm strong w/it

I been back for a week, feels like two days
Did so much and did so little
landed in instability, thought I was gonna be like that cat from the Thriller video, clean white suit sleepin in the street, and I learned that all temptations ain't sexy. feel free to ask me bout that, I've heard tell that my prose can be opaque, but dig, I grew up on need-to-know

you know there's.... when you plug in a flashdrive (PC), you get tempted to speed up yr system w/readyboost, right?
like I do and don't want readyboost
I need an adapter
like is there an app for that?
is there a  translation we're losing
lossless compression,  right? hi-fidelity
where's the app for that?
but it's all good
cuz it's like boom, come thru, come thru, come thru stuntin
and my people dem helped to ground me

My godmother dropped me off early cuz she had to go to the studio, how you luv that?  And we passed through the green door to the airport, somehow I hadn't noticed, but it was always there

Somewhere btw deplaning and jumpin into the passenger seat of that red convertible Minicooper -- nicknamed 'Malik' on the zipcar website -- @ the curb of Terminal C, EWR, I lost the notebook that had all my street knowledge, and all the best words you never heard, like thunder.  but I remember that though, thunder is trov√£o.
So the actual journey back is undocumented
along w/many more things
but it's all good
cuz all them things I got, really
all them things
it's like dis poem,
'you say poems?'
I'm a ill poemsayer
and I still got it

I spent a lot of time lately listening rather than reading, or rather, reading texts exclusive of words on a page
but until tonight I had missed something about the difference btw looking and listening, man

Yea, what is it? what it is? I composed this on a walk home, aerodynamic in the evenin air
Comin from a reading @ MoCADA just heard Emily Raboteau talk about Zion
I was watching The Matrix Reloaded  @ Ebomi's crib, talk about Zion
I turn on the corner of Washington and pass again Bedford Zion, Church of the Nazarene, just across the street from Zion Baptist Church. that turning was fortuitous I suppose 
I  wonder, Raboteau spoke of disease, discomfort that all her exodusters, all those arrivants experienced dis-ease in the places they had found when they reached their promised lands
and I think about Brooklyn as Zion for me
or Salvador as Zion for we
and I think about Miss Rhodes-Pitts' project, about homelands
I wonder if I could ever feel like Home to Haiti was something real for me
I don't know

I see this bike spray painted white, I don't know whether it's an art installation or functional, or both. It's funny to be stopped @ this corner standing next to it, b/c anybody passing by would probably assume it was mine, it's Friday again, dig?
It wasn't bright enough to take a picture, but then I hustled across the street, having missed the time when the white man said go, all that was left was a red hand, or red hands, strobing and multiple.
Before that I passed the Veldt, where I will roam again, just maybe not soon.
ibomba explodes tonight, drums was callin me home from Bahia.
again, just maybe not soon

flags still up
panyards and
shut down

dominoes congregate

on lonely card tables

sidewalk emptied

light on in the workshop
brothers got work to do
what it is and what it must be

Brooklyn September

that seekerwoman Cathy said as blue as thunder, I think I have to think about that
and I think too, about the gifts of indigo given my father and me when I was 1st named mwe
cloth holds your spirit she said
I know that part

 been writin lately, but I don't know, tonight I'm not sure if I'm a writer
maybe I'm not awkward enough
cuz lately... agora
I move so f*kin smooth
If you're concerned with, or I can say, invested in, orthography, that's smoove,  S-m-double, o-v-e

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