Effortless/Relentless, for 85+5

'How did I beat you?' Morpheus' question recuperated by Exu, reminding me to choose my reactions, in this moment and always
The issue really, as I continue to grow in this discipline, is that I don't yet have the skill to win every battle w/o fighting it
so these wannabattle cats... all I'm sayin is where I'm from, if you want beef we'll cut you some
...sick and tired of the arguin' /I (can't) keep it bottled in
and the pressure builds, venting toward eruption
gods entreat in whispers
windroar rendered sottovoce
just at the edge of my hearing:
I asked my godmother how to handle it all w/out access to my normal  outlets
she said 'you will be tested. pray and learn how to release in their absence'
I said: right on
cuz what else was I gon' say?
re-called too, an axiom adopted years ago:
'Cool is like the Tao; if you're working at it, you ain't there yet'
I'm bout it
Itutu more
Effortless soon

 A lesson though for who think they know but have no idea
If I'm not your son, reconsider attempting to son me
I'm not bowing to you, ever
I'm bowing to my gods and the lessons they send me through you
that you got it twisted is neither my fault nor responsibility
but you may be surprised after battle is joined and lessons are learned
I always call on my gods b4 I join
pray neither for myself nor my allies
but for foes and foe-familia
like Moses in my Moja year
not from a place so great as love
but compassion
mwe ever victorious 

meanwhile cats was sending Troy Davis much needed darkness to silence the echo of white death, somebody's idea of 99ers are occupying Wall St., and Belo Monte, godsdamn.
So many have so much things to say right now, but I assume you came here for the personal. I know assumptions can be dangerous, been reminded lately

One of my elders sent me a pretty ill email this week:  i am hoping that you and your sisters and brothers are among those who are occupying Wall St. if so pls know your elders are standing there with you!  stay strong

chillin w/ my Ogun sister she asked me if I'd been followin, hipped me to  pepper spray and hackers, I'm feelin some of the tactics, esp the response to the actions of armed men, but we concluded, and she articulated, that if we were approaching cops like that in Brownsville or Bed-Stuy, we'd be gettin disappeared
 I seen Baba Corn out there, and Russ was tweetin sumsh*t tied to photo-ops I guess, but my nephew rambling around my crib and the white I was wearing kept some things in perspective, reminded us that we @ a slightly different place just now. 

So to answer Rebel Diaz, No. POCs would not have lasted that long
but now that some privileged cracked the door, looks like we kickin it in
So much silence in the city, and so much noise, you can miss so much, just cuz you don't know it's happening. Like the 700 on the bridge, w/o twitter I would not have known. I suppose that's more a matter of tools and networks though 
 slowly morphing into authentic representation, b/c the people makin it happen, Salute to Hena Ashraf and Marcel Cartier, 2x
other cities poppin off,  civil disobedience coming back hardbody, which is a good look, b/c if I get a permit from you to protest your masters, I'm still submitting. That's always been my issue, whether NY's Finest or Chi-town Makout, these cats serve the rulers. And cats who eatin lovely want to talk about class war like they ain't been wagin one
also, these:

are excellent.   
Two quick things, I know this is new math, and we're all finding our level, but I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace that 9% who don't own but know, protect and serve, I can see reppin 85+5%  Second, but equally critical, let's just make sure POCs don't serve as the physical vanguard, and be the human shield-police tackling dummies/target practice
all that is, is my block on a weekday

Bring me the head of al-Awlaki
Intersecting quickly --Friday, I'm in the laundromat and ABC7 so bloodthirsty, 
Panting pundits enumerating the danger he posed, '...he had to be killed,' as if they knew something real. Xcept that he's dead. Crowing, the masturbatory recounting of exactly how many men entered the vehicle, a sky filled w/predator drones, and that none emerged into this national day of celebration...  b****es
Said he was the most wanted man on the planet, homeboy cleaning the washers just shook his head and laughed derisively, and we shared a moment when I reflected aloud 'by who? not too long ago, G-Dub was the world's most wanted man, but you wouldn't have heard that here'
Anyway, that cat B, who rock the underwhelming ethnicolor dreamcoat was on a byteloop talkin bout 'we... will... be... relentless''we... will... be... relentless''we... will... be... relentless''we... will... be... relentless''we... will... be... relentless''we... will... be... relentless''we... will... be... relentless'
Black president setting precedents

I thought, not for the 1st time, who is 'we'?
And I more than reflect, step through the mirrow
their 'we' don't matter
actually, I know deeply that it ain't love, and therefore isn't matter
a claim I base on The Oliver-Glasper Postulate
I so clearly manifest
Itutu outside, heart, afire      
mWe the people, forward ever

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