QGK: Trill With A Golden Gun

You think hundreds of years from now, somebody will happen upon the tomb of Q/G/Khadhafi, and say "there was a time..."?

For the fifty-leventh time, I'm from the Chi, so between Farrakhan and Fort, NOI and El Rukn, there in fact, was a time

when I was a boy, folk thought I would become a pastor because I preached words of our people's prophets from pulpits and ministered to the miseries of many
when I was a boy, I was an atheist, and very politicized, so I preferred orator
Had I listened more closely to the young lord in the background, perhaps I'd have internalized Felipe's revelation, that un oracion is a prayer
other tongues other things right?
so let us pray

"COMO BLACK" by Vandell Harris

Peace go with you brother
Outlawz ain't got no namesakes left, except Castro
The man with the golden gun
Sounds like something fantastic
But its the real mad max-type
fabric that the world was made of
the world left to those who liberated themselves
or dared to try
like urban divestment in the 80s
3 of my favorite films are The Wiz, Pinero and Ghost Dog
the real trip is, as I see it, they are all set the same place
anyway this world is that place, like Dhalgren, Parable of the Sower and every other post-apocalyptic forecast we had, or lived once
recognize or don't, you out here still
but they police the borders,and massage memory and history, manage perception
it looks different now, like the whole crack era never happened
A couple of my people commented on the trophy display phenomenon that occurred in the media
correctly located/situated/contextualized/historicized, it's part of a continuity w/scalping
the whole wide world is Indian Country, you dig?
Peralte to Kimathi to QGK
Then again, they resurfaced part of my street this week, but I can still see the stains from homeboy's blood
Streets stay dark
Our blood remains
cracks showed in Oakland this week, strained the system's facade
Katrina tore it off completely, shoot-to-kill,but I think the horror was so great that folks helped restore it at the cost of truth
but ask [the people]
they'll tell you: We Know This Place
word to Sunni P. omo Oxum
our souls is deep like rivers b*tches
been knocked so many times
is it really a wonder that we uphold who stand tall against empire
who stand Trill
even if they're not role models
even if they showed us so
hard sometimes to
parse news from the ground
whose freedoms, whose liberties
whose democracy
whose atrocities even

still I wonder, not for the first time, whether Afro-heroic is redundant
not in that simplistic dissociative way, like rocking the freshest pair of Air Idi Amin Firewalkers in exclusive colorways or even the actual Nike or NE February collections
but more like so many of us have been missilized that who choose to be human, and treat [the people] as family, are inherently heroic

Elsewise, true to his word, B keeps it moving, relentlessly on the line of Al-Awki, root and branch
Son of Al-Awki like a latter-day Astyanax
brains dashed upon the city walls
sowing salt out there
what kind of win is that though? we talking about a 16 year-old U.S. citizen aced in the drone war

spoke with my mother briefly on the phone last week
she told me about Gilad Schalit and the 1027
1027 palestinian prisoners for 1 Israeli soldier?
better than 1000:1
That's the value of 1 Israeli life, like the cat was a superhero or something
Their calculus is off
but PL bredren pimp that system while we got a favorable exchange rate
Only send your best though, because they gettin ready, and that's how many they'll kill too
Stay ready
Watch for that cyanide tooth

where my Jedi soldiers @?
call it the New Earth Army or the old earth Army
Think to myself, not for the first time, 'maybe I can prophet off this profit, see?'
There are things I know now that I wouldn't otherwise, and things I could have known, I don't know, but some I surely know now, others I never will, and more I still have to learn
Finger palm toe prints are
maps of wombcurrents
they like treerings or
geological strata
striations in bone and
all these things are
like sand and
time and
the grooves
in your soles and
the grooves
in our souls I mean
that don't
go away
generations of grinding
humanities into dust
and runnels
for our blood
on all streets
It's fighters in the field
And building to do
I'm not saying you have to choose one course
but I
ain't rockin with my fighters right now
Rockin with my builders


  1. "A couple of my people commented on the trophy display phenomenon that occurred in the media
    correctly located/situated/contextualized/historicized, it's part of a continuity w/scalping
    the whole wide world is Indian Country, you dig?"

    WOOOORD, my brilliant bro. Can't wait to read more. <3 You.


  2. Dara,
    I somehow articulated all of that w/o once saying "Detroit Lives!"
    honor and love to all my fam over there, who have been forced to recognize these things long time ago, and who are forging ahead, making way regardless
    and love to you sis


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