Steve Jobs Plays in the Dark

...Oh my god[s] as I turned on the tv, this evening, I was disgusted, by all the injustice, (all the injustice) MJJ & JDJJ

The BBC gadget in my iGoogle had consecutive headlines on Wednesday

World mourns death of Steve Jobs
Syria protests: More than 2,900 killed overall, says UN

If you know any of this, then the calculus 'World' uses to value a human life, or death, becomes clearer, even if loosely sketched
what does it contribute to the machine?
because 'World' was only concerned with mourning 0.5 Syrians, the rest to be mourned locally (TBML)

'World' is like the 'We' I've asked about previously, it don't know me, and may not know you if you're reading this, and it will not mourn us
The universal, I've been butting up against that this week
Today counts too, your special Kolon Day edition  ...cue Hugh Masekela
Colonial Man

Friday in Times Sq, approached by this cat handing out pamphlets that said 'Eternal Life is a Free Gift'
I waved him off, he didn't know I'm an Ifa initiate, and already immortal

That evening I found myself in the Slope, examining maps
of the non-European world on a cafe wall. I was momentarily distracted by the manufacturer info in the bottom-left corner of the Africa map
A.J. Nystrom & Co, ---- Elston Ave, Chicago IL
I know that family, at least this generation, I worked with one, who was majoring in geography at the time, and my sister went to college with another
a little taste of the local
after that, and an issue with the fact that the map was old enough to read Rhodesia but not old enough to be vintage,
the logic of Mapping revealed itself to be the same as it ever was, just like Epistemology, claiming owning and othering
there were no maps of north america
or europe
None were necessary
that's "The Known World"
do you understand? I don't want you to nod reflexively because you feel like I'm being deep
it's at once as deep as it gets and really so regular that it's not that deep
We, World, and the regular clientele of that cafe in the Slope are facets of the same, even if they don't know, but ask a fish about water right?
Shouts to Chuck Nystrom though, he changed paths

Follow me here, I know you can do it
I watched The Adjustment Bureau on my way to Brasil, and I was struck, really, I felt like I had been hit in the mouth, reeling from it's racist universalism.

If you missed some, here's the screed:

"We actually tried Free Will before. After taking you from hunting and gathering to the height of the Roman Empire we stepped back to see how you’d do on your own. You gave us the Dark Ages for five centuries… until finally we decided we should come back in. The Chairman thought maybe we just needed to do a better job of teaching you how to ride a bike before taking the training wheels off again. So we gave you the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution. For six hundred years we taught you to control your impulses with reason, then in 1910 we stepped back. Within fifty years, you’d brought us World War I, the Depression, Fascism, the Holocaust and capped it off by bringing the entire planet to the brink of destruction in the Cuban Missile Crisis. At that point a decision was taken to step back in again before you did something that even we couldn’t fix. You don’t have free will, David. You have the appearance of free will."

BlkRdYlwBrn: note to selves- neither our triumphs nor tragedies register on the scale of human history
apparently according to the mgmt
that sounds like white Godbody to me
so dense it's almost overwhelming, but if you need that broken down, go read racialicious or something
I support self-study
It's why decolonizing #Occupy has value, but also why...
Occupy the beat by BabaIsrael
cuz all this motion ain't work, on some shakespearean sound and fury
when Gil said the revolution would not be televised, what did that mean?
I believe an oft forgotten meaning rests in the old axiom 'Revolutionize yourself'
later for 
we still have time to change
but winter is coming
I had an interesting 
conversation about unboxing
folks and same night got
a text from a sister who had
expressed interest in unboxing
me I always
liked circles
better anyway
A new sign @ the vertex of Fulton & Nostrand reads "don't block the box"
I was trying to figure out what exactly that meant
I read it as both
'do not obstruct the intersection'
'do not resist the Plantation'
not only because of Saturday beatdowns on the corner
Grown men shout a lot in my hood, don't scream often, Saturday afternoon's stillness was shattered by one screaming "don't kill him!"
I moved to my balcony, where I had really no vantage point, saw a SUV askance* the intersect, 4 doors flung wide, surrounded by squaddies and d/t's
in the time I ran back to my room to get my camera, I heard my lady screaming too
I missed them dragging him bloody into the blue-and-white
but I caught these:

Block say he had a strap and had led them on a chase before they cut him off there
I know for sure though, that they stomped him out at least in part, for making them work too hard, not because of imminent threat
If he drew down on them they would have just killed him
my man said 'yea, they probably kept it going at the station'
the scream worked it's way into my consciousness ...and it echoed
@yellowgurl keeps charting the path, I experienced her and Yalini Dream and Adeeba Rana language things that cannot be spoken, some which cannot even be imagined, let alone believed, like Toni Morrison taught us through Beloved
things like Namibia or MOVE or Shuttlesworth anything --talk about a rider. Or
Bell, who also did way more than his share. I want to highlight his visioning though, if the Space Traders came tomorrow, what you think the Halfrican would say?
maybe he'd make a final sacrifice to capital, and lead us onboard himself, exhorting us to 'march with him'

Se sikonstans lavi a ki rann mwen olalwa
Bryonn reminded you that definitions are for the definers
as always, I ask that we consider again, what are we for?
I mean, when I was a child, somebody said 'we are the world'
and there was value to that idea, apart from the explosion of the aid industrial complex and the undermining of food sovereignty we are
charged with crafting the 

G Tate might say #omniversal

and to you I echo what I read tagged high above the Van Wyck on the way to Flushing
"Bless yourself, the lightbearers are being reborn, real talk - Ponyboy"
(emphasis mine)

until next time, I remain

Postscript: #Occupy got me wondering, is it too soon for this?

Ok, maybe too soon

*yes, I just used as askance as a preposition, get into it

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