Zero Hour

"This is welfare" a woman standing somewhere behind me in line is telling one of her juniors

"if you don't want to deal with this get a job. you young, if you not disabled go get you a job. welfare is a choice"-- she repeats it like a mantra. 'A choice,' I think, 'guess she made it'
When I get to the waiting area another sister is testifying, hard. In between talking about what god did for her, and making people laugh or smile, she's going in on the office staff, and how slowly they're serving people, at one point the coded door opens and she says 'Look at all those mf's', alluding to the fact that they appear to be fully staffed and chilling.
She is escorted out by security under the pretense that she is on the wrong floor, and that they are directing her to the proper office. She's here for the same reason most of us are, and several people mumble, she wasn't bothering nobody, but everybody is client and compliant. I'm frozen, not so much b/c I'm afraid to get kicked out, as b/c I still haven't figured out how to give battle peacefully
In passing, she declares herself, Sylvia Estes Motherf*ckers, smooth and smoky-voiced, like Estes is her middle name
And this fly brown still smiling @4 since 8am... lookin like she needs some tenderness
And a next one talking 'bout revolution

It's not especially humbling in real life. I know my parents did it, and I know I pay for it. All kinds of folks in here, some seeming to fit the master narrative stereotypes some not. What critics of social welfare programs have not been willing to understand, is that none of this stuff is free. Somebody pays for it, or paid for it. and it wasn't them with their 'innovation' or 'industry'. It was definitely somebody poor, most likely somebody brown, on the other end of a boot stick lash gun

need to liberate this sh*t, we paid in, you making it real hard to get it out
I guess they figure we should just give thanks it ain't Citibank
but what it comes down to is things ain't right

Shouts to the 85+5
A conversation with a homie reminded me of something or we worked it out together, something about the challenges of our age,'dig?
Like we must engage, so we shall
That day I had received the call, for all Africans, indigenes and the like to mass on the 15th, Sankofa-style

It was the first time I really wanted to be there
Meanwhile a next branching of my timeline was crackling in anticipation of the Shepard Fairey visualized Zion rave-in-the-Matrix-esque Occupation Party. 
I immediately had a strong reaction, but I was unable to frame or articulate it until I got help from the homie Ariel Roman
Tell me what you see here. An ethnically ambiguous 'soul sista' (because aren't those the best kind) maybe evocative of a bygone era? Is that Angela Davis? No, maybe the niece posed, you know, the artist.  The one who did that mixtape thing, I read about it in
But have you seen anybody who looks like that, and self-identifies as POC leading anything on Wall St?
So how 'she' become the mascot? And what work is that representation really doing?
Fairey is so elastic that the weight of his imagemaking becomes degraded if not meaningless: commandante marcos, tupac shakur, barack obama, superheavy, and now this. Some of these things are not-like-the-others. It's POP!revolution, never confuse it with popular revolution, and somebody tell him it's pork in that yellow pigment
Still I reflected then, who shows up in the Times Square will be the next faces of this... damn, do I have to call it a movement, wait no, surge. this surge
It ended up looking like this

I was dreaming when I wrote this next bit, but I don't think it goes too far
I can tell you want to know how I survived
they were nondescript, somewhat unremarkable, hirsute, medium grungy, and unironically thrifty enough to blend
That's all I remembered later
I'm no gumshoe, but I had been briefly distracted by something stuck to the bottom of my sneaker
looking up, my eyeline caught that one shady dude who'd been talking reckless for days fumbling with a pair of earplugs, you know the neon silicone type
anyway, from my angle
I peeped the thin blue line, and they were wearing them too!
back on the microphone, the women muttered and stuttered the beginnings of an equation I had only read about
'Stop your ears!' I cried
too late, as it dripped from their lips it passed again and again from ear to mouth
self-respect and points of unity crumbled like so much ash in the air
that's when @MrDannyGlover saved the day
just like in all them lethal weapon movies
---seriously, folks using the mic to discuss HAARP and MKultra?
and @least 9% of them 99ers is enemy agents, some provocatively so ---ringers then
Calumny from fiff-columnists

I'm still working out what I see
at first I only saw...that maybe they had furnished an answer to the query, not age-old but as old as our age:
"who watches the watchmen"
and informed by a seemingly utopic vision, but the thing is,
Utopia is no place
Africa is my descent, here I'm far from home
this place
dis place
See me?
So then I did what I often incite, I looked again, and saw something ugly too
see what had happened was, the whiteness engine broke in this country, and now they're calling whiteness support, word to Chris Rock
This is not metaphor, it's transhumance, we are STILL under Wall St.
been there since before you caught up
now some of you want to get material, we can quote you Last Poets E pluribus
so as long as you're occupying it, without excavating it, tearing up the foundations, we will still be on our own after they let you back in
you want us to be your absent heroes, your martys, your frontline forces but not your teachers or even comrades
and you always want to get reckless when POC show up
I guess we make you feel mighty real
legitimize your drum circles and 'tribal' body paint
you start getting brolic and sh*t
that's why we don't be coming down there
Meanwhile Angela Davis, the real Angela Davis (Rawse voice) is tryna tell you that intersectionality is not a child's toy, a plaything to be set down at some point in the future per your convenience
and  for what it's worth, if you're still working out what it is that you want, get at me
I got a list of demands

got a missive from Spooky, the other day, I opened it and read it
he say Volcanic Sunlight coming
I wanted to tell him
that's all me
and building pressure
hard to the touch
liquid fire inside
I actually still do buy music
but I been. rocking that thing since July
had no choice

I know Tardust a
but you trying to tell me he saw Oakland coming?
 Niggy, please
still and all
he stay on time
  Saul Williams-Patience(OKP exclusive) by okayplayer

What we have had up to now is something like
Existential Crisis of the Leftests (new coinage, Leftest = most left)
When I grew up folk still said "when the revolution comes"
Are those the same ones, hatin from the sidelines now? been waiting working hoping for critical mass demand, well, maybe this is it
can't afford to not be in it just because you ain't start it and we continue to talk and talk and talk, some try to co-opt
turns out [the people] have become or don't need 'leaders,' whichever, it's not those who are self-proclaimed
any organization will tend to serve the needs of those whose voices ring loudest or whose strength is flexed the hardest at its formation, i.e. if you don't go in, you won't be in
Boots say you don't need no ticket, just get on board

so where I fit?
I started writing this before the General Strike
it's Zero Hour now
we can be new
the first Coup album I bought was Party Music, and I've been Riding the Fence 
the Strike may not have changed everything, but it changed something fundamental for me
it made me re-call a revelation from ondaground
[the people] is who you claim and who claim you
you never have total control over either
so stop navelgazing and do what it is you gonna
I done seen lotta cats who really don't give a damn
if you do, just be about it
and if [the people] lead with power, mind and soul
create create
I, like the universe, am bound to respond
we all need it (Gotham City)
to be recognized for our work initiative and courage
and to have them reflected
to know that in this struggle we doing more than merely grinding ourselves to bits
but rather shaping something crafting something forging something or being forged
meantime, you know what I keep in the lining
winter is coming
I can hang, just give me water, I'm thirsty
that's the sound of the men/ working on the chain gang
I dream a world, think I'll make me one
bring the challengers, our meeting will be explosive
on blacks!


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  2. grateful for this...
    encapsulates both how we have struggled, may continue to struggle, but also how we can shift paradigms to lessen or eliminate the struggle. Yes! professor, exchange, teach, grow...(Abundance, _B)


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