more X-ings, Jin-Go-Weh-Di-Wey or edgewaterenigma

4inna AM 2inna aftanoon
now hittin my stride won’t need that 3rd leg soon
form of a lion regal presence of a queen
stretch out her wingspan and questions what my eyes seen
tell her I traveled far w/sight beyond sight
looked within my heart stayed afire I shined my own light
dark and deep as red moons in winter a red son in summer
tide pools me hard I give in and go under
thought I couldn’t breathe that was my 1st surprise
thought I couldn’t see til I opened my eyes
my feet found the path, that old road to Guinen
lost some of our signs we strive to make meaning
siblings in crosshairs shots ring we keep bleeding
still sing our songs shouts ring they so freeing
carried burdens to crossroads met a man his eyes gleaming
He say: bout time child, so long you been sleeping
embrace your path, Old Ones is all around you
fear not our wrath beloved we been inside you
call your own name when you get down to pray
and when you rise again baby walk this way.
He say: I was the enigma that you saw in the AM
and I did my dance when this world was a-borning
they can call us what they want and it makes no difference
only when our children forget does it have any consequence
accept the new like that young boy Theophilus
we been dynamic, sole concern is soul politics
it’s an ethic to this, honor goes to each
balancing the forces and we practice what we preach
we all warriors and lovers, all fathers and mothers
ain’t nobody saints and only one is above us
we all part of that, and you a part of it too
you come lookin for gods, we find ourselves in you.
Called his name 3 times [Laroye] my thanks was heartfelt
he opened the gate and we shared a sip
at his hip hung a bag of luck done up in red felt
he unslung it, passed it, & rolled himself a spliff
I was expecting something like Robert Johnson’s gift
inside a lump of coal like a Zwarte Piet trick
turned around to protest couldn’t see where he went
stood there in the road thinkin bout what it meant
‘Mystery Santa is a lie!’ was the 1st thought that came
longer I stood there the more it became plain
nice or naught are for the definer, not for the defined
too long they've tried to define my black behind
Coal is cousin to oil, old black gold and new
and beautiful like mWe, black gold eternally
coal cautions too, my people harvest it now that sacred groves have been razed
animals they husbanded massacred, and their food sovereignty undermined
coal holds memories of fire and secrets of steel
becomes a jewel under pressure
ko ni duro
diamond in the roughest
coal cleans water
water cleans blood
blood cleans spirit
coal works in balance
so I gave thanks, and broke my portion
washed some and drank the issue
reminded that life needs bitter
lit some to light my way
because night had fallen
used some to mark my passage on that ancient road 
and walked on

last posted 11.11
what happens when you take even  a short break is you get conscious of the simplest things like will anybody besides me get that 'more X-ings' is, through shifting tongues a convoluted pun on 'X-mas'?
but I didn't overshoot 12.12, if you were looking for a symmetry that suggests a warped consistency through an altered sense of time
mattafackt I been writing, but this came full-grown in dark morning, couldn't sleep till it was done
and I knew it was the one
story started out Greek but I learned something deep from my teacher
guess that's like institutional Higher Ed if you're lucky
apparently sideloaded from my childhood love of 'Twas the night before Christmas'  that one short play every year @WestsidePrep about Jesus coming over for Christmas disguised as a stranger and Donny Hath's shaking hands
maybe a little Kurtis Blow too 
 and much more deeply it relates in a way to that old thing
that after you've done all you can
sometimes you do have to just stand
so much more to say: I made more crossings
but shouts to my loved ones standing in the crossroads
you may hear thunder there
I am with you

Capricorn Season Comes...

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