This is black hoodie rap...

been 9 spins and 3 moons
a dear friend said I should have filled the gaps w/past miracles
maybe next time
don't wear black but got a hoodie picked out
let's get it going

This is black hoodie rap
there's no fear in my eyes where they looking at

I spent the balance of the winter doing my father's work:
and I will tell you this 
If Trayvon Martin's murder is just, under some definition of self-defense
then whoever comes for George Zimmerman is more than justified
as he has shown himself to be an imminent threat to the lives of our children
so put that cat on notice

b/c far from being horrified by the prospect
I am relieved that something, somewhere, finally makes sense
and I echo those who encourage us to take the murder of every one of our children as seriously
even as I feel I've blogged this blog before
many have re-called Troy Davis
but I've heard too little
about Penn State
the disparate values
attached to 
black childrens' lives

I was almost torn apart yesterday
had a moment where I couldn't figure out
if the ends justified the means
Kant spit that real talk, people are ends in and of themselves

I started out real clear
Friday as I was pollwatching
in rolled Brother Gaines 
late 60's 70's dark skin silver mustache
wore a black leather fedora I
told it him it was a serious brim
he said he got it off a guy upstairs for $5 I
told him it was a good deal he said
he had to clean it up though
simple hook cane on his lap, dark walnut color
oxygen tank  strapped to  the back of his wheelchair
cords hanging from his nose like extensions of his body
tan windbreaker over maroon plaid shirt
jeans and clean white sneakers w/velcro straps I
remember thinking he had his
voting clothes on
but the first thing he asked the election judge
was "who are we supposed to be voting for" and
when that sister told him who was running he
asked her again repeatedly, urgently,
emphasizing 'supposed to' in a way she didn't want to understand
I didn't want to either and she
asked him if he needed any assistance
he said "yes... I need somebody to read to me
I can't read"
still got worlds to shape

This axe crowns me as protector of the aged and infirm
This axe crowns me also as a protector of children
I had 
50-odd untrained children in the field
doing the work of 100 veteran adults
child soldiers
---too young for the marches but they juke to them drums---
I didn't know how they got there
but I sent them anyway
into unfamiliar places
among folk who discount them on sight
on islands
lost ones

we lost some

I told one young woman
who wanted to quit
a truth, I said
they look at you and
don't see what we see but
we know that you can do this
we're trying to make a difference and 
we need you 

but we lost some out there
hungry hot tired
80 degrees in March
and hated, 
in the dark

 that's how I found myself
riding around on no sleep looking
for a youngstar named Shine
that's how one of our children
got arrested, just for being black
from the West Side
at night 
in a rich white suburb
somebody called  5-0
he had a warrant
for contempt of court
tragic irony
he was working for a judge
olalwa- outlaw even while working inside it
but the reason we even were in that position
the reason they even were in that position
is that our needs are so great

I had faith that we would win the battle we were in
but I had charge of the work that supported that faith
so many unknowns
known and unknown

Mayor told Mookie: Always do the right thing
yesterday in moments
it was hard to know
what that was
teleological vs ontological
ethics I guess

so the simplicity in the complexity of Trayvon's murder
offers me the chance to know the right thing
I just thank my gods that we didn't create another yesterday

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