Stuff: for you suckas

Quick & dirty, let's call it visceral
I'ma speak to these cats in my idiom, not like they listening anyway
I had to go in on this one~~~>

1st I must say that the racism is easy, but it absolutely blows me that in 2012, mf's can still talk about women, almost half of humanity (intersex & genderqueer fam I see you),
as dependents/'takers'/'people who want stuff',
and stay on any channel
but let's get to the meat of this here.

Hell yea I/we want some muthafuckin stuff

my Pops is a dialectical materialist -- I learned early that the struggle is not only for ideas, it's also for bread & butter [stuff]
so as long as we dealing w/the real world, you talking about a national and global system, where you and a few mf's who look just like you have all the stuff and won't let nobody else get none
where you alienate folks from
 the work of their hands, hearts, and spirits
where you prioritize profit over unincorporated persons, and stack chips to the sky that your children's children won't be able to spend out, while millions starve

you need to come up off some of that stuff

when the sister Ntozake voiced so many women's private pain,
 'he almost walked away w/alla my stuff'
it echoed backward through the blood memory of the Americas, and the Global South

that's some shit you perpetuate, roving the world extracting oil, gold, diamonds, rare earth, and ancient wisdom, in a fashion consistent w/the rape culture you uphold
left unsaid is that voters are responding to the reality 'the white establishment' doesn't represent them.
If you accept the notion of representative government, then why you acting like somebody kicked over your milk?
or is it that representative government has become less attractive to the heirs of its original proponents over the life of this country as the franchise was extended to: non-propertied white males, then white women, then black folks, and now any native or naturalized citizen not subject to the back-end of the 13th amendment.

and let me hip you to this:
as long as white men in this country continue to be socialized in a way that closely resembles that same old Manifest Destiny rag,
 there will be these divides, so y'all either gonna have to
 re-think your positions on cloning,,,
 or come up off some of that 'stuff'