Kawo vin la

I've been reminded lately, with this word, that the world is worth creating

I dream a world, think I'll make me one
what them soul rebels say?
something like
We don't
live for
it lives
for us

We live from Red Rocks, ford Red Rivers, walk Red Roads
don't depend on wizards to tell us what time it is or
which way the wind blows
got goddesses for that

GNJ spoke before, glimmering like Ganges,
Arcing over oceans-
"Say Mama, can we go half on Ibeji? you know what this is, you gon make me say it?"
What's the opposite of free love, is it pay love or slave love?
I'm bout liberation
ditchin kidgloves

Strong men keep on coming, word to Tonya Bolden, and to the I in I
Cats stay confusing hardness and strength out here
But son, some of the hardest out here is brittle
You gotta have some flex, elsewise you crack, eventually crumble, if not
you shatter soon
and while I don't really believe in sin
in the interim I got all the rest covered
jazz june
strike straight
lurk late
thin gin
left school
real cool
all that shit

just like you
I've heard
many are called and
few are chosen
I also know deeper
both guide and seeker
My phone rang
many times before
I just ain't pick up
'til it read
callers unknown
The voices asked me
'who's the master?'
That was when I realized I'd spent a decade pondering the wrong questions
The answer was clear as the sky under midnight sun, afterimage filling my vision like an eclipse at high noon
[cats] say I'm nice w/metaphors
but these are

Kawo vin la
I feel like I just got back
I am love
& I'm here to stay

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