3 Kings day comin
cool water comin

This one is short, jotted last Wednesday on my way out to get my life
it's still Wednesday somewhere
let's get it 

Umoja came today, 
crackling and full like forever
Ifa + Candomble calendars read the same
I'm almost an ideal type of every augury I ever got
I've lived all my prophecies already
Now I can read some signs for myself
And I'm who's writing
Jean Revelateur
7 seals or Akashic record
 Get at me
 Even  Especially in darkness

Last time you heard me I was probably in my young miracle/young teacher phase
Bout to come back to public life hard like kouzen Jezi
Just so you know
Pedagogue of young gods
who say '~sko run it'

they say when the student is ready
the teacher will appear
give thanks
my teachers reveal themselves almost daily now

I met an elder in November, in his own home
 He was steady and unsteady, still stood to greet me in the old way
As I left him, after the drums had moved us both, he said to me:
"My daughter came and warned me, that the energy you dealing with can kill you if you’re not careful. 
It can stop your heart... 
you’re juggling thunder and lightning "

I said  'right on'
and promised to take care

A generation is leaving us now
some were the first to come this country
some were the first to come North
All will be immortal if we call their names
 We will be immortal if we take up the challenge of our destinies

everybody has the capacity to be giant
everybody ain't about that life

Xango fire just drippin off my tongue
fly Iyawo on my arm sippin 5-star rhum
spill some for libation and I call my own name
gran moun invoked zanset yo and I’m the one that came 

forward to this 13 thing

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