(The D is) Silen[ced]: Django vs Dessalines, self-Defense & DuSable City

This joint has been marinating for a while, it was initially scheduled for the day my nephew was born, and now feels way past due, not because it risks irrelevance, but because it's urgent like a...
A-yo bust it:

out of time
no drinking and no smiling


sans fwa
sans sou, seen?

you know I’m Haitian

straight from Ogou-nation
all my heroes
paid the iron price
negus / nigist black and dirty
like a pot of djondjon rice

So I must put the question to you
Django ou Janjak?

one is an ersatz hero, a simulacrum
less than a man
less even than a myth
he will not become true b/c we tell ourselves stories about him

the other vanquished the Napoleonic Army at Batay Vetye
how's your math?

all my heroes had real hearts and spirits, bled, breathed and lived, some are immortal, and do still
invoke their presence and these men and women will live:

makandal. moise. romaine. san souci. capois death. tubman. prosser. turner. zumbi. yanga. queen nanny. deslondes. nzingha. shaka. cinque. solitude. anacaona. caonabo. tupac amaru I&II. osceola. geronimo. antonio maceo. peralte.