(The D is) Silen[ced]: Django vs Dessalines, self-Defense & DuSable City

This joint has been marinating for a while, it was initially scheduled for the day my nephew was born, and now feels way past due, not because it risks irrelevance, but because it's urgent like a...
A-yo bust it:

out of time
no drinking and no smiling


sans fwa
sans sou, seen?

you know I’m Haitian

straight from Ogou-nation
all my heroes
paid the iron price
negus / nigist black and dirty
like a pot of djondjon rice

So I must put the question to you
Django ou Janjak?

one is an ersatz hero, a simulacrum
less than a man
less even than a myth
he will not become true b/c we tell ourselves stories about him

the other vanquished the Napoleonic Army at Batay Vetye
how's your math?

all my heroes had real hearts and spirits, bled, breathed and lived, some are immortal, and do still
invoke their presence and these men and women will live:

makandal. moise. romaine. san souci. capois death. tubman. prosser. turner. zumbi. yanga. queen nanny. deslondes. nzingha. shaka. cinque. solitude. anacaona. caonabo. tupac amaru I&II. osceola. geronimo. antonio maceo. peralte.

let's deconstruct 
this 1 in 10000 thing
because it seems to me a myth that can threaten to feel true, and therefore worth engaging with
as if it were
for the sake of argument then 
I posit to you
that the box of the plantation
is much like Schroedinger's own
and we as a people, in some ways
like his cat
if it feels better, let's call it the problem of Schroedinger's Panther
the plantation does several things, all of which involve the deformation of spirit and consumption of flesh
it is, after all, a charnel house
but were this meme, .01% ideavirus, true
I would say that the generations scheduled to be alive in this moment are difficult to measure, when differential infant mortality,  the crack era, and urban summers are taken into account
and further, to say nothing of class fracture, or the culture of distrust silence and fear that accompanies even just recent histories of state terror,we must needs deduct the legions presently incarcerated from the total
and all expressly 'political' prisoners, who were clearly warriors, from the fraction
so then there is really no way to tell how many out of how many could be that exception
in effect,
the Panther is alive and dead at the same time 
except that,
it could be you
if you make that choice
not limited to but inclusive of
the way of the gun 
see Blowout Comb, Tracks 7-8 for my points of reference and prescription
Stay with me, if you start feeling anxious take a breath

I got a couple more concepts to hit to win you on this
black steel in the hour of chaos tip

After Sandy Hook, cats started blowing up my social feeds talkin bout racist origins of the 2nd Amendment
like it was new news
This is the United States of America
if you came late, catch up
Pragmatically, when you have a young white settler nation still engaged in war on the indigenous people
& holding another people in chains, then yes!
Any law applicable to citizens is intended for the citizenry of that moment, and whomever naturalization provisions were open to
that's how historical context works
but I can dig what it feels like to get surprised by history hiding in plain sight 
In early December, I rolled up to the Schomburg with my sister Sangodara, whom I thank for her presence and prodding as the threads of this writing showed me how they fit together
They were doing a thing called Visualizing Emancipation
sesquicentennials and such, you dig?
I didn't see Lincoln, so Daniel Day-Lewis didn't make it to the post title
between us, because you've read far enough to get the zin, he probably wouldn't have anyway
be that as it may
I saw a copy of the initial draft & it tripped me out slightly
the line went like

“And I hereby enjoin upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from all violence, unless in necessary self-defence”

I never heard Malcolm or any of his disciples quote that
maybe because they never saw themselves as needing any white man’s co-sign, but if not the realest shit Abraham ever wrote
it's by far the most relevant to me
Post-Abrahamic is now a different kind of thing
rock with that 

I had visions of
watch parties in church
elders facing doors
guns loaded
but if all that feels too far gone, let's talk about African Blood Brotherhood, Deacons for Defense, BLA, and Black Men Against Crack*, on some real New Negro type style
like New New though
let us keep moving, I'll revisit that

I must ask you now

beyond the obvious
What is violence? what does it do? what does it look like?
or better, what is aggression? what is terror?
-is it global?
is it a recolonization of the African continent?
is it Belo Monte?
is it Israeli eugenicists crippling Ethiopian wombs, like in Puerto Rico and Mississipi and Alabama before?
is it an aid industrial complex that primarily enriches private contractors and multinational corporations, like its brother complices, military and prison
-is it historical?

public assassination of those who dare to speak truth and organize for justice?
silent murder, framing, provocation, sabotage & incarceration of those who work for community self-determination?
some combination of  actively flooding communities with zombifiying narcotics and tacit allowance? 
-is it local?
blood across state lines, extrajudicial executions on 36 hour clocks?
blood in DuSable City streets?
-or is it more banal?

like poverty?
like hunger and lack of access to good food?
like nobody you know having a legal job?
like living with your parents in your grandparents' house that they can't afford to pay for?
like celebrating 18th, 21st, and 25th birthdays like 75th 90th and 100th?
-Is it all of them at once?

like the headline that blares Anticipating domestic boom, colleges rev up drone piloting programs? 
like using the Patriot Act to cover for permanent incarceration of political dissidents, and renewing it after Osama has fallen?
like infiltrators in citizen's movements?
like continuing paramilitarization of urban law enforcement, drone kits included?
like antebellum freedom paper or apartheid-style passbooks laws in Arizona?
like Coltan in 5 million smartphones sold on a given launch weekend?
or the hospital of an internationally renowned university restricting access to its trauma center on a side of town where gun violence is rampant?

Those questions were rhetorical, I confess
If you feel a little overwhelmed
I meant for that to happen
the arc of my interrogation bends back toward
(D) all of the above
D, for self-defense

the general 'Self' , for the purpose of this blog, is The People
As for defense, 
I heard an elder say recently
"when you believe you're human, you believe you're worth defending"
we've spent so long unsuccessfully negotiating blackness into humanity
I wonder sometimes if we still know it ourselves
or if we too interpret our color, whether on the block, in church or school, family portraits or in our own reflections, as the mark of fair game
after C.West "unsafe, unprotected, subject to random violence"
as worthy of death
Same elder said
"kids weren't getting killed [by the state] when the BLA was out there"
reminded me of something Jeff Fort said
counter-revolutionary as he was

Here's one more thing I have distilled for you
Sunday I watched MHP for the first time
--peace to Dr. Cohen--
anyway, she briefly entertained an equivalence between Chicago, and the need for military response
spurred by a clip of this NRA cat LaPierre  
one of her guests, a Patrick Egan, said he wouldn't be surprised if 'that's what people there want'
Chairman Fred Jr. drew a similar link that actually made sense to me, said that Rahm's Saturation shares much DNA with the Bush-Obama Surges
I know some of our challenges are connected to the search for truth in the murkiness of this all-post-everything era
but I'll tell you what
If they bring the Guard in
contradictions will certainly heighten

That's my time
To re-cap, this post was brought to you by the letter (D), the numbers 6 , 9, & 12  (like always), and the adinkras Sankofa & Akoben
The time, as usual, is now
Soon come on TMW:
Episode 2- Attack of the ...
new guards for our defense
warriors among us
out boys for out peoples
Until then, I remain

Read the companion to this piece here

*Close the Crack House trigger warning:  'Afrocentrist' homophobia


  1. Moooooooooooooooooore!!! What got me in the gut:

    "I heard an elder say recently
    "when you believe you're human, you believe you're worth defending"
    we've spent so long unsuccessfully negotiating blackness into humanity
    I wonder sometimes if we still know it ourselves
    or if we too interpret our color, whether on the block, in church or school, family portraits or in our own reflections, as the mark of fair game"

  2. Yes, We are hard to measure. Yes, We are worth defending. Yes, praises were given, and We came...and more on the way.

    Black light keep shinin, make everything around it glow.

    Thank you for your labor and for sharing its fruits.


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