Kawo X2

--let me baptize you

~sko omo SXShCh-anGo
--spit that like BBU
Loray Sole
Iemanja gangster
husband to the whirlwind
transhumance not meta4
spanning similes balancing
forces that hold you out
but close onetime
no contradiction but paradox
pair of rams
pair of lions
sweet chariot of fire
swingin lo to bring you to higher vibration
on Lwa frequencies
I drink deep from rivers red white and golden, ancient as the world, old as blood, love, sap and honey,  colors of gold, colors of sun, run down my chin, my beard drips and shines
I know who know my destiny
we got only 1 or 2 degrees I
rock the white
adorn it w/colors
undercoat suffused in
magical melanin

sun man sounds
like you do
when Malindy sings
freedom rings or
hope springs
spiralistic in the rhythm of tides
conch my Akoben
calling champions home

Eternal but not from Eternia
3rd coast raised me like 3rd earth
but Thundera, Planet brooklyn
twice there my mother gave birth
yes I
Thundercat thunder twin in fact,
activated in cool water
our powers intact

when ions align, I descend
when earth moves, I descend
justice, like lightning
ground yourself

I often ask the same question about freestyle
What's alter-native freestyle, is it paystyle or slavestyle?
mayhap neither nor, but still something won
hard earned

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