DrumLanguage Presents Chico Boyer, a Pioneer of Haitian Roots Music

Originally published on The Haitian Times, Oct 31, 2013

heartbeats to breakbeats
skins, traps & steel
[pans] & wheels
emerging voices from the global south
on peoples’ sovereignty,
ethics & human rights
speak with Drum Language
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dispatches from the corner
hoods barrios & favelas

We are proud to introduce DrumLanguage, a radio trance-mission through the Global South, as an inter-generational conservation in many tongues — across continents. This premier episode is anchored by the first significant interview ever granted by Chico Boyer, a pioneer of mizik rasin.

There is a subversive discourse now moving through the Aid-Industrial complex, that information itself is aid. That is, supporting people telling their own stories, and being able to communicate among themselves, may do more to emerge from catastrophe, than the invasion of the international crisis market.

We have long understood this in the diaspora, but what if we extend it to the block, and to people of conscience everywhere — to tell our own stories, share our own solutions, save our own lives.

Like the drum once did, radio gives us access to news in realtime. Further, it allows us to tap into energy flowing through the air to connect to the voices of our ancestors: memory, identity, and song – every antenna, a poto mitan.

This is not quite that, but time moves, and as this podcast launches, we lean on a claim made recently by Manbo Dowoti Desir: that cyberspace has unique potential as a liberatory space — a consecrated and sacred space.

Perhaps, the antenna in your smartphone, or wireless adapter in your laptop/tablet can serve for now.

DrumLanguage, because the beat will always save us.

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