Ep. 2: Attack of the _____

Drones went there homie

word to @joshbegley

We did, we did just kill a kid Sam I am!
Skies rain death, not acid rain of our 80s babies future, not exactly a bulletstorm, call it hail-fire
This is about respect for life, or it should be, 'American' or otherwise
Star Wars fits, your boy Bigblackamerica is closer to the real reagan than the dreamtime
nostalgia reagan of racist conservationists

These U.S. slouch ever further rightward, toward Babylon
I would say there is a blessing, the world is clearer now, but ask the families of these two-legged targets, if you can find survivors

Drone pilots clutch joysticks
Watch screens on easels
Tense and bored at the same time
Humanity escaping from their lungs, leaking from their pores
Soaking the backs of 50's-era command chairs

Kill list on ticker tape
Print out kill lists on receipt rolls
Gratuity included

You want spare change
You better ask Obama

In 2002 I thought the Siege was coming just like a Denzel flick, tanks in the street
We seen Blackwater in NO
And guardsmen on wallstreet
But this, is finally, almost purely an air war

The war that was promised
Where American youth are no longer put in danger
Streets of the Chi, sandy hook, 28 hour timers on black life whatever
Who are you going to believe? The state or your lying eyes?
The state or the crying winds?

And don't ask about Gaza, with its beautiful youth, unseen heard
Ghetto Manifestos

Whatever the case, this violence is casual
This violence is causal
This violence is caustic
Eating away our humanity
1 tax dollar at a time

Call it rape culture or genocide culture, crusade culture
Another geopsychic echo
Everyday it whispers blood to oil conversion rates
And still blood to sugar conversion rates
Blood to Coltan conversion rates

And doctrine
Monroe, Bush, Obama
I thought I told you the cat wouldn't free you

Blind to the facts

Cafe au lait hands at the wheel of the ship of state don't make it alright, still on course for the setting sun, shining sea, destiny manifest guided by divine providence
Straight on 'til mourning

*for a razorsharp analysis of what I only gesture toward above, see Blacks & Drones, by Jemima Pierre @ BAR

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