We haven't finished

Black Star bound, black sun shining
sweet weather and that beat
inside our own breasts, which will always save us
Source code to boom bap, boom chk
and that thump
What we want is what we believe made manifest
Let it breathe

Horn section come in
hollowed conch & quadruped
we blow the reveille
breathe uhuru 
deep diaphragm work
(pronounce that 'wuk')

Strings together
weaving joys and pains
triumphs defeats
and hope
and will
and love 
and lineage
Strum the wavelengths of all our colors
red notes, yellow notes, brown and black notes
Blue notes true still
Maroons indigo
vibrate deeper

Keys unlock 5 tones we carried
re-call mbira and balafon
gourds hang
full of our wisdom

And we sing a song full
with truths & hopes
shaped by our passage
over and through
we sing limbo
we sing redemption
we sing rivers
for all these we have known
we sing from heart, and soul, and root
All 3 make us hue-people
We sing pride, power , and #takenoshit

We haven't finished singing

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