DrumLanguage: Dessalines, Malcolm X and Seeds of Sovereignty from the Grassroots

Originally published on The Haitian Times, November 29, 2013
this is Seeds #nogeeMO
I pray you will be both
moved and fed
…our seeds will grow, have faith.

You’ve just heard Flavio Barbosa, member of Movimento Sem Terra out of Brazil and also a member of Dessalines Brigade, Rosnel Jean-Baptiste from Tet Kole and Rose Edith Raymonvil Germain, national coordinator of the Peasants Movemenent of Papaye (Mouvman Peyizan Papay) — both accepting awards on behalf of the other members of Four Focused Eyes…

210 Novembers past, Papa Desalin, Kapwa Lamo and Klèvo led our armed forces to victory in Batay Vètyè

50 Novembers past, Malcolm X delivered his Message to the Grassroots in the great black city of Detroit.

In 2013, Haiti is still fighting for sovereignty, and our grassroots have messages for us.

In this consumptive world system, free peoples must have the power to feed themselves. The examples our ancestors left and their commitments to solidarity, return to us through international coalitions among trade-unionists and peasants who have not forgotten Haiti.

DrumLanguage is a theory of change.

When the state humbles itself to our own grassroots, and works together with true allies of the Haitian people, like the Dessalines Brigade of La Via Campesina, that will be change we can believe in.