DrumLanguage: For Madiba and Herman Wallace, From the Frontlines of Mass Incarceration

Originally published on TheHaitianTimes.com, February 18, 2014

I crossed oceans & borders since our last trance-mission
whole time grappling with the concept of grace, and the reality of cages
touched down in Brooklyn for a cipher with
Tanisha K. Douglas MSW, activist, teacher, & healer
& Marlon Peterson, Peopleworker
but this is DrumLanguage
so call it a DrumCircle
love pain truth & hope all in it

This is historical
This is for those who were hungry, and for those who have been silenced
This is for healers and freedom-fighters
This is for Madiba
for Herman Wallace
for Marissa Alexander
& for the rest of us
freedom fighters all
because since we became black
we’ve been fighting for freedom
and because we are still,
to quote my comrade Desiree Evans,
negotiating blackness into humanity
Nod your head, share your own story, shed a tear to this
This is for the struggle we in.

co-production by Manolia Charlotin

shouts to Dara Cooper, Kiese Laymon & Esther Armah

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