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made it to Canfield, made it to Ferguson, made it to the Lou, just to touch ground & feel the people, here's something in the spirit -

Ground forces in Gaza
Ground forces in(to) Chicago?
Ground forces in Ferguson
Tunnels cut off in the Mid East
Water shut off in the Mid West
66% of this land is border
Free of Constitution if not constituents
buses turned back
children caged in internment camps

Who was it that said if you don't understand white supremacy, everything else will confuse you*
Logics of genocide
Logics of slavery
Logics of rape
You are not human

Slave trade to free trade
don't have to buy the bodies
to own the lives
Profiteers prophesy
The market is futures

Somebody said black folk don't like police
because we don't have fathers
That week a father said 'I can't breathe'
Before they choked him out

Remember excited delirium?
what they used to explain
black folks' tendency to become irrational & die
in police custody...
like drapetomania or anarchia, #thatsnotscience

Just a refusal to deal w/the ways race & power function

I count #28Days in Black History Month
& #28Hrs before another Black life is History
Sounds like a war poem
like the star-spangled banner
or that Coca-cola ad from the super bowl
children's voices spliced into polyglot dirge
like a horror film
Wild West Marshals carried Peacemakers
In this Tamed West cops carry Historymakers
history become cheap, in this land of anti-intellect, of crosstalk & hardball & three stikes, grandstanding & groundstanding & turn that fucking jungle music down or I will exercise my constitutional right to black death

No justice no peace
once a conditional expression
now a plaintive commentary on current affairs.
we can access neither,
 seemingly forgetful that once we fought for more than either
Whence the cry for Liberation?

10 years ago Senator Barack Obama deconstructed Black America on an existential level
I didn't know
he was a prophet then

10 years ago there was no coup in Haiti, just a democratically elected president ushered out in the night by Marines
We knew who would profit then

10 years ago I was as old as Fred Hampton, a milestone I had doubted even with all my privilege
suburban summers & Ivy league access
Still thought I might profess then

10 days ago I didn't know the name Mike Brown, but I knew enough names...
pray Ferguson not fade away, like Cincinnati in 2005, like a bomb dropped in Philly in the early 80s
like any other moment you don't know but should

War of attrition, position, maneuver & inches,
some shock & awe for flavor
IDF, SADF, NYPD, LAPD, Policia Federais no Brasil, Gad Nasyonal d'Ayiti not so different from each other

Seeking justice in an unjust system always amounts to insurgency
so hold your head
Hunters are coming
chastening rods primed

Gen lod nan dezod

who counts the victory?

* a sister shouted out "Dr. Neely Fuller!"
1st re-vision read 19th August, Kreyol Korner @ LaCayeBK
at the invitation of Mr.JeffDess
we were resonating together, clearly
b/c he brought me on w/this:

until next time, I remain

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